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These Are The 5 Biggest Changes In Marketing
For Explosive Growth In 2020 And Beyond.

How To Create Your Story Of Origin
The most important marketing piece you’ll ever create in 2020 is your story. Simon Sinek calls it your “Why”. Chet Holmes called it your “Core Story”. Joseph Campbell calls it “The Hero's Journey”. In this eBook, I walk you through step by step “How To Create Your Story Of Origin,” what to include, and how to use it with clients and prospects.

How To Discover Your Points Of Differentiation
You all have “points of differentiation”, but you leave them on the marketing room floor. Why is it important for you to discover them? Because people buy differences, not similarities. In 2020, it’s vital you uncover your unique selling proposition, and then reflect that in your marketing so you’re seen as the only logical choice of where to do business.

Packaging: The Key To Success In Marketing
How can you package your expertise in 2020, so you’re seen as the “Go To Expert” in your niche? This is not a new concept. Whether you’ve done it proactively and by design or by default...you’ve been packaging you since the day you started in business. Unfortunately, how most advisors package their expertise hurts them more than it helps them.

How To Create A World Class LinkedIn Profile
In 2020, studies show the vast majority of your prospects do their homework and check you out on LinkedIn first. Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to learn how to create a “world class” LinkedIn profile? Unfortunately, most advisors have LinkedIn profiles that are average at best.  With this eBook, you learn how to create a world-class, kick ass LinkedIn profile in less than 2 hours.

How To Use The 80/20 Rule To Earn More And Work Less
In 2020, focus your marketing on cloning your very best clients. The 80/20 Rule. It could be 85/15, 90/10 or even 95/5. The key is it’s disproportionate. If 20% of your clients generate 80% of your business, then the Top 4% of your clients generate 64% of your business. You’ll learn how to clone your Top 4% of your clients in this eBook.